Thursday, February 9, 2012

There Otter Be A Law

I think most fishermen would agree that it's great to catch fish, but often just getting out and enjoying nature is a blessing. It was like that for Rod and I yesterday. We met on the American River at 4:15, dragged the boat upstream a bit and started fishing. Besides noticing how beautiful it was on the river with 67 degree weather, we spotted another boat downstream using a motor in a "No Motor" section. As we proceeded downstream, the other boat came up through our run and then turned and headed back downriver. Well, we only got one strike in an hour and a half, but nature blessed us. Halfway through our first drift, we spotted these three otters rolling in the dust on shore. We may not have caught any fish, but watching the otters play and slide into the water near the boat was a nice surprise!

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