Monday, May 12, 2008

Sly Park

Saturday morning I got up at 4:30am, hitched up the boat and headed for Sly Park, a.k.a. Jenkinson Lake. I got to the lake at 6:00am and launched by 6:15. The wind was coming across the lake pretty good, so I started out trolling by the first dam and islands. First I dragged broken-backs but switched to mid-depth plugs after an hour or so. I headed over to the second dam and trolled along the south shore. There was a huge hatch of mayflies and trout were lazily rolling all over the surface. I have never seen a lake hatch as thick as this one, and it went on for quite awhile. After seeing that the fish were near the surface in deep water, I put on a Kastmaster and a Mepps Syclops. I took my first rainbow right at the point of the narrows with the Kastmaster, a beautiful 13" wild rainbow with big black spots. I took a planter about an hour later on the Syclops. As I trolled back towards the second dam, a bald eagle swooped down and took a trout about 150' in front of the boat, then turned and went right over the boat about 50' up, pretty cool! By now the wind had picked up again so I headed in to the dock. My buddy Arnie was tooling around in his new pontoon boat, we chatted for awhile and I headed home. A nice day all in all!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lake Natoma

Saturday my wife and I got out for a couple hours. Near the end of the evening we were discussing what had previously been effective in catching the trout out here, but as of late nothing. Just then Nicole says "look at that fish jumping out there". I saw my rod bouncing and set the hook. Nice 16" rainbow trout, first one of the year!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lake Natoma Lunkers

It's time to start chasing the huge trout out at Lake Natoma. Today my wife Nicole and I are gonna give it a try! My son with an 8 pounder he brought in himself. Nice Fish!