Saturday, May 29, 2010

There are no snags

At least you have to think that way out here. Yesterday Nicole and I came out and lost five lures, all snags. Or maybe not. Probably. But the funny thing is, the two largest fish we have caught out of here at first seem like snags. Nick's giant that we lost was at first assumed to be a snag, and today we got an awesome reminder of how the fish here fight! We started out at 6pm and headed upstream. At the top of our first pass, just as we were in the thick of things, I said to Nicole, "We're gonna hook up now." A minute went by and Nicole's rod took two small dips and set firm but steady. Line stripped out at a smooth and constant rate. I asked her if it felt like a fish but she couldn't tell. I reeled in my line and headed downstream as she reeled in hers. Just as the boat got even with her line, we saw her fish fighting about six feet below the boat. Nicole got her to the boat very quickly, and after two attempts to net her we got her in. There were several people on the walking bridge watching all the action, and they gave us a standing ovation! Definitely Nicole's largest fish ever, and it certainly gives Nick's record a run for his money. Here I am with Nicole's fish since she wouldn't hold it. This is not a snag!

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